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Hello, friends and loved ones! It has (unfortunately) slipped my mind how one of my children turned five this week! FIVE! Oh my gosh, how time flies! (I’m so sorry Yihwan, it’s not you, it’s me.)

Anyway, here’s a quick weekend giveaway for everyone! Play It By Ear (Backstage Pass #2) is now FREE to download on Gumroad until Sunday, May 19!

Play It By Ear is the story of Jo Yihwan, a KPop rock band leader who reluctantly signs onto a talent-slash-reality TV show and meets a determined idol trainee who thinks this is her final chance at debuting. The book tackles the many struggles of idols and idol trainees in the KPop world, how they overcome these challenges, and sometimes, find love in little hidden corners.

Awesome, I’d LOVE a copy!

Already got/read the book? Thank you! <3 Could you spread the love and share this post to a friend or loved one who might enjoy Yihwan and Yoojung’s story? I’d really appreciate it. And if this is your first time picking up the book, I hope you enjoy reading!

Have a great weekend, everyone~!

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