CURMA: Hoping to Save Our Seas, One Pawikan at a Time

Last August, a video of a team of scientists pulling out a plastic straw from an Olive Ridley sea turtle’s nose had gone viral, enraging many people across the globe. This is only one of the many undocumented incidents showing how damaging marine pollution is to the entire marine ecosystem, a scenario that CURMA (Coastal Underwater Resource Management Actions) is working hard to prevent.

CURMA is a Pawikan Protection and Conservation Program operating under SIFCare (Science of Identity Foundation Community Assistance for Responsible Existence). Since its establishment in 2011, CURMA’s efforts have all been directed toward attaining these objectives: to educate people about the environment they live in, to educate people about the importance of sea turtles (pawikan in Filipino), and to promote and embody the values of conservation.

Aside fom the protection and conservation program, CURMA’s projects include hatchery management, coastal cleanups, and information and education campaigns.To date, the community has successfully released more than 7,900 pawikan hatchlings from the CURMA hatchery in San Juan, La Union and to the open sea.

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Work & Play: Sleepless nights are made of these . . .

It’s finally happened: Work has officially slain my writing mojo. That doesn’t mean I can’t CPR the shit out of it, though. I’m just so tired to think of anything, even if I’m pressured to come up with a plot for my next class this coming August. Sigh.


My first block screening event is finally over! There’s a lot to say about putting up this thing, but the place for that is on post-event reports and production meetings, so I’ll leave them there. What I can say, however, is that it was quite the experience. The last time I’ve been on my toes for about the same amount of time was when we produced the Koala’s March Grand Family Day event at SM Mall of Asia . . . and that was in November! It’s just too bad I didn’t lose weight over all the running I did, heh.

Also, I wish I could spazz over Jurassic World properly, but I only kind of saw 50% of the movie since I had to go in and out of the cinema to take care of business. I could tell you, however, that Chris Pratt was hot and I was just swooning inside every time his Henley-wearing ass was on-screen. <3 I also kind of freaked out a couple of times over some scenes involving the Indominus Rex, and thought the special effects were pretty darn neat.

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