Tara’s Thoughts On: Tomorrow

Okay, listen: I am instantly drawn to anything that presents stories of life and death, especially ones that create worlds and hypotheses about the afterlife. Tomorrow fits the bill, and I quickly put it on my Netflix watch list even if it took me months to actually be in the right headspace to consume it.

The short review: I loved it.

An afterlife with Reapers that fulfill various roles? Not only that, but Reapers who have broken the mold and created a Risk Management Department that rescues people who are on the brink of taking their own lives? Reapers who have lived through thousands of lifetimes trying to make amends for their past sins, watching over the people they love, or making sense of their nightmares? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP.

In Tomorrow, Jumadeung (the underworld) welcomes newbie Choi Junwoong (Rowoon) whose soul is trapped between life and death. He’s in a coma because of an accident that happens as he tried to stop someone from jumping off a bridge, and because the man he tried to rescue was part of the Risk Management Teams’s (Koo Ryeon played by Kim Heesun and Ryunggu played by Yoon Jion) assignment, he gets entangled in their business. The Jumadeung director (Kim Haesook) offers him a deal—work at the Jumadeung for six months as part of the understaffed Risk Management Team and get the job of his dreams after he wakes and recovers from his coma.

Junwoong accepts the deal, and thus starts his journey as a Reaper that rescues at-risk humans (and non-humans). Each episode is a rollercoaster of emotions as the RM Team figure out how to handle each of their cases, with some of them striking a painful chord within each of the members (and providing them with much-needed closure as well). Koo Ryeon’s backstory with the leader of the Escort Team, Junggil (Lee Soohyuk) and Ryunggu’s past life with his mom were both particularly devastating and left me in emotional shambles.

All in all, I loved this drama for the variety of cases they handled and the way they showed the different struggles of people we might meet every day. Each of our main characters also grew as the drama progressed, which made the RM Team’s bond so special. But while I may sing this drama’s praises, it is definitely not for the faint of heart. Sure, there are lighthearted moments, and we always, ALWAYS love it when justice is served (and it is, in some of the episodes), but before you dive into this Kdrama, remember that you may encounter many emotional triggers such as bullying, sexual abuse, and violence. Tread lightly, and maybe don’t binge it if you’re a big crybaby like me. Or at least have a 2L jug of water handy because MAN, IT IS A CRYFEST.

Hats off, by the way, to the entire cast led by Kim Heesun. I didn’t think there was anyone in particular who needed to be “carried” because all of our leads played off of each other’s skills and energies so well…I kinda wanna see a season 2 LOL. (I mean, there are still so many cases that could be tackled…but also, I need more Ryeon and Junggil, please I AM BEGGING.)

Hello. Bonus Junggil walking into a room with his signature broody swag.

Number of episodes: 16
Where to watch: Netflix
Favorite characters: The Jade Emperor/Jumadeung director (I love her), Kong T_T
Favorite Jumadeung department: The Editing Team (that creates every dying being’s life highlight reel)
Cases I bawled my eyes at the most: The veteran (Ep 6), Kong (Ep 9), Ryunggu’s arc (Eps 11 & 12), and the comfort women (Ep 13)
Is there romance?
Sadly, no.
Trigger warnings for: suicide/suicide ideation, bullying, war, sexual abuse, workplace abuse, death (parent, pet, child), violence

Overall rating

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