Strong female leads? That’s my thing.

Do you know what I like about my favorite #romanceclass books? Apart from the fact that they have the swooniest (is that even a word) love interests, they also celebrate intelligent, beautiful, empowered women. From college students fighting for The Only Grant to musicians trying to find their voice to mothers juggling career, parenthood, and romance—we’ve seen it all, and not just in fiction! For every amazing fictional main character, there’s an amazing real-life woman living their best life, and I salute all of them today (Happy International Women’s Day!) and every day. You are all awesome.

In Keeping Miss Kalila, my main character Kalila is an educator trying her best to keep their community school open, despite various hurdles. She’s also a soon-to-be mom, who did everything she could to conceive, even if she had a medical condition which might make having kids difficult. Even if she didn’t have a man in her life, too. I loved writing her (and all of my main characters) because I love seeing strong female leads get things done. I mean, don’t you? In our current political climate, I am seeing women stand up for what they believe in every day. I see women lead and take charge and make things better. I see women take no shit from others and continue to work toward a better society. It’s just inspiring and uplifting, and I want more. More of them in fiction, more of them in real life.

In May, we will elect a new president, and I am voting for Leni Robredo. She is the embodiment of every fictional romance hero I’ve ever loved—warm, nurturing, intelligent, hardworking, competent, and would show up for the people she loves every. single. time. She is far from perfect, but #IStandWithLeni because she isn’t only a compassionate leader who works hard, she is also a leader who inspires others into goodness and excellence. I believe she is the best person to lead us from this point forward, and I will do what I can to bring her to Malacañang.

Ngayon pa lang, kinikilig na akong isiping #KulayRosasAngBukas natin, Pilipinas. 🇵🇭💗 #IpanaloNa10To!

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