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Waiting in the Wings is now officially out, and thanks to everyone who has helped spread the word about my latest book, we’re off to a great start! That means lovely reviews, amusing fangirly tweets, and lots and lots of love for our main characters, Erin, Ramon, and Pio! <3

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Waiting in the Wings REVIEWS

Waiting in the Wings mixes theater and romance in the cutest, most passionate way ever!

Leenah (Goodreads)

Waiting in the Wings may be categorized under romance but it also dealt with other important things such as self-worth, perseverance, and trust that things will fall into place if you really want to make something happen.

Ailla (Le Bibliophile)

Ramon Figueroa *hello* meet my new book boyfriend. How can someone measure up to him now?

Silvana (The Book Voyagers)

(Tara’s Note: I don’t know, Sil. I mean, you’ve made it even more difficult for me when YOU gave Ramon a face like Paolo Roldan’s! Check out Silvana’s character profiles below:)

Erin Javier is the cutest character I have read so far. She is this cuddly ball of sunshine, and in Ramon’s words, people just can’t help but fall in love with her.

Claridge (booknomnom)

One of the coolest parts about this book is that they create a musical, and that Tara wrote some of the songs!

Emma (DaffodilsReads)

(Tara’s Note: Just to clarify–I do have a Spotify playlist for the book, but none of those songs were penned by me. The two songs I wrote for Waiting in the Wings are Himig ng Pag-uwi and Erin’s Waltz. You’ll be able to learn more about them when you read the book. ^_^)

Thanks for livetweeting Waiting in the Wings too, Emma! (Click on the tweet and follow the thread. May be spoiler-y. You have been warned.)

Waiting in The Wings is a fantastic New Adult novel about how it is to be a part of an amazing family of Theater Performers. Not only that, but it also pays great tribute to plenty of Filipino composed songs which I consider to be great contributions to Philippine literature. Oh, and did I mention that it’s written rather beautifully? It’s an amazing book meant to be read by all those who has ever felt negatively about being a small star in a galaxy filled with constellations.

JM (Book Freak Revelations)

Overall, reading this book is a delightful experience. It gave me different emotions that I found so believable. I laughed, I cried, I got annoyed and frustrated. But all the while, I felt love. And I think that’s how a good love story should be told. We all need love and love is all around. We just need to let it meet us.

Ella (A Wandering Stardust)

To readers who are both into or not into theater, this story is for you.

To readers who are struggling in their careers, this story is for you.

To readers who are stuck in the friendzone, this story is for you.

‘Waiting in the Wings’ is worth every penny and every minute.

Miel (Miel Salva)

Miel also livetweeted her reading experience here. (Beware of spoilers, though!)

I’m at a loss for words. I’ve had a lot of thoughts and commentaries while reading this but now that it ended, I just wanna bask in the glow of their HEA.

Cathleene (Goodreads)

I love how each character finds what they want and making their dreams happen on and off the stage. There are those who finally realize what their heart desires.

Paula (Perks Be With You)

(Tara’s Note: Check out Paula’s blog for character interviews with Erin, Ramon, and Pio as well! <3)

INTERMISSION // Check out my character aesthetics for Waiting in the Wings!

Aaaaand, back to the reviews…

If you want a fast-paced read with all giddiness and feels, you should definitely check this out!

Czarina (Fruit of Solitude)

(Tara’s Note: Czarina also interviewed me for her blog! Hope you can check that out as well. <3)

I love Waiting in the Wings!!! It brought kilig from the beginning til the end. I remember there was a part that I almost squealed out loud, but I had to stop myself because I was reading in public. I know you will definitely enjoy this one, and you will fall in love with the story and it’s characters.

Grelyn (Goodreads)

Waiting in the Wings will make your heart flutter, it will make you giddy and confused and you’ll see yourself slowly falling in love with not just one but maybe even to both of these guys. They are not without flaws including Erin but that only makes them so relatable.

Mabel (The Book Nut)

…this book is a love letter to Philippine Theater, and I can’t imagine anyone but Tara writing it. She’s created a fantastic, but very real world of actors singing original music, creating new things almost every day. She’s featured beautiful songs by original Filipino artists, and showed the family-like camaraderie that we usually find in groups of the same circle here. Reading Tara’s book is familiar and honestly, stress-free. It put a smile on my face from beginning to end.

Carla, author of If the Dress Fits (Carla de Guzman)

This novel taught me that true love waits. Not just the romantic kind of love but also the love you have for something you are passionate about like acting. It may take some time for you to get that role or to be able to shine under that spotlight, but you definitely have a chance. All you have to do is to continue working hard and love it with all your heart.

Samantha (Fictionzoned Fangirl)

Check out Samantha’s swoony livetweets here. Meanwhile, below are Jera’s livetweets. (Again, maybe don’t click if you don’t want accidental spoilers.)

INTERMISSION! // KB Meniado of Bookbed interviewed me about Waiting in the Wings for her blog! CLICK HERE to read it!

Truly, Waiting in the Wings is worth all the feelings. It may be slightly formulaic and predictable (at least for me) but I cannot deny all the good feels reading it has given me. I would definitely recommend this book.

Lynai (Lynai Reads)

This is such a feel-good story. I liked how this is a chaste romance. It focused on emotions and had a good character development for both main character and love interest. I also found it awesome that Tara mentioned OPM songs. She even penned original ones just for this book. This book is so Pinoy, I love it!

Veronica (Brain Tabs)

Erin’s “audition” at the end deserves a standing ovation. I loved the scene so much. Definitely one of the best “grand gesture” scenes I’ve read. So much feels!

Angeli (RX Literature)

And that’s it for the Waiting in the Wings ARC tour! If you wish to join the ongoing giveaway, CLICK HERE! Meanwhile, if any of these reviews have piqued your interest, you may purchase the book on Amazon for only $2.99! PH residents who are looking for paperback copies may expect a pre-order form to be up by mid-March. See you at the #romanceclass #AprilFeelsDay2017 for the paperback release! <3

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