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To say that I’ve been having a lot of fun making book aesthetics for my titles is an understatement. Recently, I’ve stumbled upon an Instagram profile template on Behance and had fun playing with it! <3 Here are the ones I made for my recent release, Settle the Score / Hustle Play.

Important Note: The personalities included in these photos are image pegs and are not, in any way, connected to me or the aforementioned book. (I wish they are, though. I mean… they’re awesome.)

Garnet Figueroa

garnet figueroa profile

Captions, top row, L-R:

  • Downtime with this one. Thanks for the nail polish kaartehan, @manaloserves. #favoritecheerleader (tagged: @thatcrisostomo)
  • Tuning up. Needed to loosen my shoulders a little. #basketballneverstops #ladyhunter #gogreengo
  • Methinks my Sierran chucks are too clean.

Captions, bottom row, L-R:

  • My date is hell-bent on giving me diabetes. Kung ‘di lang kita mahal, eh. #natalie
  • Happy birthday, Charlie! <3 GOD YOU’RE OLD. #favoritecheerleader (tagged @thatcrisostomo)
  • Bwakaw Pose c/o @CollegePH. SOON! #pictorial #basketballneverstops

Charles Crisostomo

charles crisostomo profile

Captions, top row, L-R:

  • MVP #favoritegem (tagged @gfigueroa)
  • I hope you know you’re a joy to watch. #favoritegem
  • Whoever said shopping with your girl is boring clearly hasn’t accompanied theirs to the cosmetics section. #favoritegem #colourpop #notissuenoproblem

Captions, bottom row, L-R:

  • We couldn’t resist the perfect lighting. #brodoyouevenlift #pepsquad (tagged @kaylabee)
  • Sugar and caffeine. PERFECT. (tagged @CafeBuenaTaft @gfigueroa)
  • Hey little lady, why so serious? #natalie

Chris Barcelo

chris barcelo profile

Captions, top row, L-R:

  • Why yes, I am amassing a ridiculous amount of shoes, thanks for asking. Thanks, @TitanHQ! #OVOJordan10Retro
  • You know me, I’m always hard. I mean, I always go hard. #NOTinnuendoMAYBE
  • I got laid today and I can’t get up. #NOTinnuendoMAYBE

Captions, bottom row, L-R:

  • I’ve been thinking of a caption since this photo was taken. #stillnothing
  • Thanks for making me look legit, @PhotogKevinChan, my man! #shoot #CollegePH #BasketballNeverStops
  • Channeling my inner romantic for #PopMagazine.

Settle the Score / Hustle Play is a sports romance novella set in the Philippines. More details about the book here. Available on Amazon ($1.99) and paperback (PH only, P200).

More book aesthetics (hopefully) soon! ^_^

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