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As August AKA Buwan ng Mga Akdang Pinoy comes to a close, I put together a third and final installment of the #RomanceClass x OPM playlist. Thank you so much to everyone who recommended and submitted songs for this project, and if you missed the first two playlists, don’t fret! Simply click on the links below to get to them.

Playlist #1 | Playlist #2

Click on the Read More button for Playlist #3 and notes about the books they’re “linked” to. For more information on the featured books, simply click on the titles! Hope you find a good read for the coming weekend! <3


#RomanceClass ❤ OPM Mix #3

Song: Umaapaw by Ang Bandang Shirley
Book: If the Dress Fits by Carla de Guzman (upcoming)

It perfectly describes how Max sees and feels for Martha. The emotions are literally overflowing for him, because of her. She may not understand why, but it’s the truth for him. – Carla, author of If the Dress Fits (coming this October!!!)

Song: Hi by True Faith
Book: Queen of the Clueless, Interim Goddess of Love #2 by Mina V. Esguerra

I’m a fan of Diego. In this book, I was in love with the swimming pool scene. I’m sure those who read the book knows what I’m talking about. And there are scenes where he shows his concern with Hannah. The lyrics of the song somehow tells Diego’s feelings??? I hope 🙂 – Irene, #romanceclass author & reader/contributor

Song: Your Universe by Rico Blanco
Book: The Kitchen When It Sizzles by Chrissie Peria

I perfectly remembered the ‘market’ scene while hearing this song. Nate and Olivia, omg! – Paula, #romanceclass reader/contributor

Song: Wag Ka Nang Umiyak by KZ Tandingan & Ebe Dancel
Book: Paper Planes Back Home by Tara Frejas (FREE UNTIL AUGUST 31! Click here.)

The song is relevant to the stories and even particular scenes of the three pairs (ie Aaron-Gianna, Skylar-Anna, Skylar-Gianna). – TDR, #romanceclass reader/contributor

Song: Sundo by Imago
Book: Songs to Get Over You by Jay E. Tria

At the start of the book we find a Miki who has been still and unmoving for so long, with a concept of love that is not sustainable. At least for someone who wants to be happy. I wanted him to eventually find and claim his own Sundo kind of love. “Isuko ang kaba/Tuluyan kang bumitaw/Ika’y manalig/Manalig ka/Asahan mo/Mula ngayon/Pagibig ko’y sayo” <3 – Jay, author of Songs to Get Over You

Song: Your Love, Tuo Amore by Michael Pangilinan
Book: Cover (Story) Girl by Chris Mariano

“You’re the one who never lets me sleep” was the first line that made me think, “HEEEEYYY~this fits Mr. Museum!” Haha. I’ve recently read this lovely book called Cover (Story) Girl and I feel like this song expresses Gio’s feelings for Minhee rather well. Hihi. Kilig. – Tara 

Song: Triangulo by Thyro Alfaro, Yumi Lacsamana, & Jeric Medina
Book: Just for the Record by Six de los Reyes

Because complicated relationships such as the one Rhys willingly (?) got herself into deserves a song that speaks of triangles and trouble. 😛 – Tara

Song: You or Nothing by Hale
Book: The ByeBye Bouquet by Chi Yu Rodriguez

I stumbled upon this song while curating the rest of this month’s playlist and everything in the first stanza alone screamed WARREN LEIGH. Just. Ugh. (Okay, I don’t want to be spoilery so I’ll end this here.) – Tara

Song: Silid by Up Dharma Down
Book: Songs to Get Over You by Jay E. Tria

Dahil “humihinto…ang mundo…[ni Miki] para lang [kay Jill]” Haha. He gets over eventually, but I can just imagine Miki listening to this song on the train or what and then closing his eyes to really hear the song as the first chorus hits his feels. I know I did. – Bentham, #romanceclass reader/contributor

Song: Ako Na Lang by Zia Quizon
Book: It’s a Match by Ana Tejano

I think that “Kung sinu-sino pang tinatawagan mo, nandito lang naman ako” is a perfect line that kind of sums up what Ana Tejano’s short story is all about. Quick, get it! It’s a breeze to read. – Tara

Song: Migraine by Moonstar88
Book: All’s Fair in Blog and War by Chrissie Peria

There was this part in All’s Fair in Blog and War where Five kind of takes a step back from the status quo and starts questioning her “role” in Jesse’s life (or if there was, at all), and I think this song captures that kind of feeling somehow. – Tara

Song: Sinta by Sugarfree
Book: Scandalized by Tara Frejas

Because Gabriel was an awkward potato when he first came to Seoul, he was a “malungkot na bata, palakad-lakad lang, wala rin namang mapupuntahan.” And just when he thought he was about to give up, he found his “sinta” in Fi. CHAROT. <3 – Tara, author of Scandalized

Thank you for listening! Hope you could share this to your bookish, music-loving friends and family members as well. Mabuhay ang musika at mga akdang Pilipino! <3

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